LEGO har i ett pressmeddelande berättat vad deras planer är för Star Wars under året. Vissa saker kan sklija sig till den svenska lanseringen såsom priser.

Pressmeddelandet lyder som följer:

Another big year for the Star WarsTM film franchise means another smashing debut of new products from the LEGO Group! In 1998, Star Wars became the very first licensed product line in LEGO Group history, and to date, also is one of the most successful lines in terms of both sales and appeal. Star Wars is the best-selling licensed property in the company’s history.

Last year’s re-launch of the iconic LEGO® Millennium Falcon™ to support the release of the Trilogy on DVD was the second best-selling item in the entire company portfolio for the year. Similarly, the X-Wing Fighter™ and Rebel Snowspeeder™ made the top 10 list.

This year, two February teaser items and nine early-spring items round out the 11-item assortment that includes LEGO versions of vehicles and scenes primarily from Episode III, hitting theatres in May. Additionally, a new low-tech light-up functionality has been added to select minifigure character’s lightsabers to further enhance role play ability and collectibility.

The 2005 line-up includes:

  • #7251 Darth VaderTM Transformation - $6.99, Ages 6+
  • #7250 Clone Scout WalkerTM - $9.99, Ages 6+
  • #7252 Droid Tri-fighterTM -$14.99, Ages 6+
  • #7255 General GrievousTM Chase - $19.99, Ages 6+
  • #7263 TIE FighterTM * - $19.99, Ages 6+, Available in February
  • #7256 Jedi StarfighterTM and Vulture DroidTM – $19.99, Ages 6+

Available in February:

  • #7257 Ultimate LightsaberTM Duel* - $29.99, Ages 6+
  • #7258 WookieeTM Attack – $29.99, Ages 6+
  • #7259 ARC-170 Clone FighterTM - $39.99, Ages 6+
  • #7260 Wookiee CatamaranTM * - $49.99, Ages 6+
  • #7261 Clone Turbo TankTM * - $89.99, Ages 6+

*Features new minifigure with light-up lightsabers! Push down on the figure’s head to activate the light.

All sets debut in April with the exception of Anakin Star Fighter + Volture Droid and Tie Fighter (items 7256 and 7263), which debut in February.

As the year progresses and the movie premiere nears, the LEGO Group will reveal several exciting activities and promotions to mark this memorable year for the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars™ products are available at most toy and discount merchandise retailers, as well as on

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